Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search optimization refers to ranking higher on search engines for search queries which are local in nature. Mehta Inc. works as your local search engine optimization partner helping your business website rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and beat competition from local businesses.

Google introduced a “Geographic Box” in search results some time ago. When one searches for something in Google, the intelligent Google algorithm used to display top three local businesses relevant to the search. Google had practically tied up the search engine rankings to its mapping feature which made this local search possible. The local search feature became so popular that in just few months, Google has increased the number of local search results to ten.

For example, you are looking for custom tailors in New York. If you search for (“Custom Tailor New York” for example), the Google algorithm has the built in local search intelligence that the query calls for results primarily local in scope. As seen in the diagram above, it lists tailors from New York according to their relevance to your search query. Also, you would notice that the local search results are displayed on the top before the organic search results.

Any effective local search engine optimization company would carefully study your website and optimize it rightly to appear in top results in local search results for search engines.

 Findability – Single most important requirement for building your website

When you plan to launch a website, you will have to keep in mind your potential users. You will have to understand the audience – readers, users, potential customers, if you want them to visit your site.

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