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Many search engine submission agencies claim to submit your website to hundreds or even thousands of search engines. As a search engine optimization and marketing agency, we are always thinking of one thing – does our client care of hundreds of search engines? Are hundreds of search engines really being used? As a matter of fact most of our clients care about maximum five search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos and Altavista.

Our local search engine optimization clients do care about their presence on sites like,, local city websites and the likes. However, this is no way close to hundreds or thousands of search engines which the submission firms are talking about.

We think search engine submission is a misleading term to some extent. When we talk about search engine submissions, we actually mean submissions on various websites which will in turn help rank higher on major search engines our clients care about.

When you talk to a search engine submission firm, you should first seek clarification on the following:

  • What is the list of websites (search engines) your site would be submitted to.
  • What anchor text and description will be used
  • Will the link you get from the websites be permanent
  • How it will affect your ranking on major search engines
  • What is the submission rate? To how many websites (Search Engines) would your site be submitted in a day
  • Would the submission be only for the home page or for the inner pages as well

There are many search engine submission firms available who use automated software for doing the job. Just feed a website title, description and link in the software and the it will auto submit to many websites. Does this work? Does this help you rank high? As commonsensical answer to this would be a ‘NO’.

Have you heard of Google penalty? Google penalizes websites for any link building activity done in an unnatural fashion. Google’s powerful algorithm easily finds out if your website gets hundreds of links in a day in an unnatural fashion. And then, it becomes very difficult for your website to get ranked well in Google.

In no way we are saying that search engine submission should not be done. However, you need to ensure that your search engine submission team is highly qualified and has well proven processes to build back links. A cheaper alternative may prove to be very costly in a longer run.

Get in touch with our search engine marketing experts for more thoughts on search engine submission and related activities.

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